If you are purchasing tyres for your truck for the first time, you may have the preconceived notion that the process will be overwhelming. The type of truck tyres you opt for will have an overall effect on both the handling and the speed of your vehicle. This, in turn, will affect your comfort while driving. Making a bad choice on truck tyres will not only compromise on your vehicle's traction on the road, but they can also put your life and the lives of other road users at risk. The good news is that selecting truck tyres does not have to be a tedious process. The first thing you need to take note of is that the different types of truck tyres are designed to enhance performance depending on your needs. Hence, knowing what your driving needs are goes a long way in helping you select the right truck tyres. Here are some of the different types of truck tyres you can consider for your vehicle.

Truck tyres designed for all seasons.

As the name suggests, these types of truck tyres can be used all year round, as they are designed to fare well in any type of weather condition. The tyres have been designed to be able to deal with changing temperatures on the roads, wetness and slick freezing conditions. As such, they have a significant amount of traction when compared to other types of truck tyres. However, it should be noted that handling a vehicle that has all weather tyres fitted on it could be a bit harder. Truck tyres made for all seasons are great for people who live in locations that experience drastic weather changes.

Truck tyres designed for high performance.

Truck tyres designed for high performance work toward making it easier for the driver to handle their vehicle better as well as enhance the cornering capabilities of the vehicle. High performance tyres tend to be more expensive when compared to other truck tyre options. Their tread enables you to have maximum control of your vehicle when driving at high speeds. Since they are designed for high performance driving, they would not be an obvious choice for people who simply use their car for regular use. On the other hand, if you like speed racing with your vehicle, these would be the best tyres for you.

Truck tyres designed for all terrains.

These types of tyres enable your car to seamlessly transition from driving on motorways to driving on off-road terrain. They have large treads to ensure maximum traction on the ground. However, it should be noted that these tyres might compromise on the comfort of your ride while in the vehicle.

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