Car hire is a convenient way to keep yourself mobile when you do not have access to your regular vehicle. The reasons for this lack of access could range from your car requiring extensive servicing at the mechanics or perhaps you are out of town for a while. However, when it comes to car hire, it is not simply about walking into a rental car company's business and selecting the first or the cheapest vehicle that is available. There are a number of things that you should keep in mind to ensure you are making the right decision like the following:

Consider the model of the vehicle

You may walk into a rental car company with a specific manufacturer's name in mind but this is not the only thing to consider. When seeking out the most appropriate car hire options for your needs, you need to determine what model of vehicle would best suit your needs. Most car rental companies will have an array of models to choose from ranging from sports utility vehicles, sports cars, saloon cars and more. Your choice would largely depend on what type of driving you plan on doing. For instance, if you are on holiday and plan on taking a number of offroading trips, then a sports utility vehicle would be most ideal. On the other hand, if you are in town for business and just need to make sure you get from one point to another, then a saloon car would make sense for your needs. It should be noted though that a high-end model may require a higher security deposit than other vehicles. 

Consider the duration of time you will be renting the vehicle

Another thing to keep in mind when considering car hire is the amount of time that you would need the vehicle. A misconception that some people have is that the shorter the time they have with the car, the cheaper their bill will be. This is not necessarily true. Some car rental companies may charge higher for shorter rental durations so as to make the most of the vehicle being hired out. As such, you may find that it makes more economical sense to opt for car hire for a week rather than a couple of days. When contemplating car hire, ensure you inquire about how they price their billing as per the duration so as to figure what rental duration would be economical for you.