If you have been driving for quite some time and you have never felt any kind of car vibrations, then it is possible that you will experience the vibrations sooner or later. Car vibrations are most of the time an indication of serious problems with some parts of your car. It could be the tires, the engine, the brake system or anything else that affects the motion of the vehicle. Making an early diagnosis of the vibrations can help you prevent more serious damages from occurring as well as hefty repair costs that come along with the damages. Here are areas that may trigger the vibrations.

The Engine

If your car is shaking, it could signal to a problem that is related to the engine. The engine may be deprived of sufficient air or fuel, or it could be that the spark that sets the fuel on fire is weak. If you experience a shudder while you are accelerating, it implies that the issue is with the engine. Another symptom that relates to an engine problem is when the car starts fine but begins to shake after driving for a while. These signs point to a faulty spark plug (the device that injects the spark required to ignite the fuel) and the solution is to have your car checked out at an auto repairs shop.

The Tires

Tires are well-known culprits of car vibrations. If your tires are out of balance, there is a high chance that your car will begin to shake. If a tire is out of balance, it means that the weight distributed around the tire is uneven; one spot of the tire has more weight than the other and that is why the tire wobbles and causes vibrations. You will feel the vibrations through the steering wheel and when you are driving at certain speeds. The vibrations tend to begin when the driving speed is about 50 to 55 miles an hour; they get even worse at 60 miles per hour but improve at higher speeds. If you get these kinds of signs, know that your tires are out of balance and you need to visit an auto repair shop for tire balancing.

Also check the tread of your tires. If the ridges on these treads have been smoothed out, this could also be a potential reason as to why your car is shaking.  Bald tires are not only dangerous because they cause vibrations but because they can also blow out and cause accidents. For a better view of the treads on the front tires, turn the steering wheel of your car to one side.