Windscreen replacement can be very expensive, especially when you insist on using OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement windscreens. This article discusses some of the things you can do in order to protect your windscreen from irreparable damage that would necessitate buying a replacement windscreen.

Do Not Tailgate

Moving very close to a vehicle ahead of you is an invitation to serious windscreen damage. Large particles may come flying at your windscreen from a dump truck ahead of you and the screen will sustain serious damage from the impact. The spinning tires of a car may also kick up rocks so if you are very close behind that car, those rocks would damage your windscreen.

The examples above show that it is very wise to keep a safe distance from any vehicle ahead of you in order to remove any chance of your windscreen getting damaged by an object originating from the vehicle in front of you.

Avoid Parking by the Roadside

Each time you park your car by the roadside it remains a sitting duck for flying objects dislodged by cars that are speeding past. The more you park on the roadside, the higher the chance that a flying object from the road will cause a serious crack on your windscreen.

Avoid putting your windscreen in harm's way; park in places that are reserved for parking, as long as those places are not close to any road.

Quickly Repair any Chips or Cracks

You should frequently inspect your windscreen to see if there are any tiny chips or cracks on it. The moment you notice any of these blemishes, have them repaired immediately so that they do not enlarge to an extent where you are compelled to buy a new windscreen.

Never Use Hot Water as an Ice Remover

When you pour hot water on your windscreen in order to dislodge the ice on it, any chip on the windscreen will immediately crack and that crack could later "spider" (spread in all directions like a spider web) and destroy your windscreen. Use salt instead of hot water. You can simply sprinkle the salt onto the windscreen using a salt shaker.

If you keep the tips above in mind each time you use your car, you will dramatically reduced any likelihood of windscreen replacement and its attendant costs. This is because you will have taken preventive steps to avoid the things that irreparably damage the windscreens of cars. For more information on protecting, maintaining, or replacing windscreens, talk to companies like Instant Windscreens.