In the course of business, sometimes you have to transport goods whose dimensions surpass what is standard or normal on the road. The dimensions could surpass in width, length, height and weight. These loads pose a great danger to the safety of other road users. This is why you must be keen on selecting the right axle configuration when hiring a haulage vehicle to transport an oversize or overweight load. The right configuration will guarantee efficient performance with respect to the load bearing capacity of the vehicle. Here is a discussion that will help you gain insight on axle configurations for hauling heavy loads:

Articulated Versus Rigid Trucks

There is a clear distinction between articulated trucks and rigid trucks. Articulated trucks, which are also referred to as artic, can tow a trailer. The trailer can have one to three axles depending on the intended use and size. On the other hand, a rigid truck comes with a fixed number of wheels. For haulage of large and heavy goods, you will often have to work with an articulated truck. It can accommodate more weight because of the ability to work with a high number of axles.

Axle Combinations

There are various axle combinations to choose from depending on how much weight you need to move. The first axle combination is the four by two, which operates under the same concept of a standard car. Two wheels are used to put the power down on the road while the other two offer loading support. In most cases, four by two combinations have a limited capacity of around eighteen tonnes, meaning that you will be forced to look elsewhere if your goods weigh higher than this. Secondly, there is the six by two combination, where two wheels put the power down while the other four support the load. This configuration allows you to load up to twenty-six tonnes. Lastly, you can go for the six by four axle combination. Here, the front set of axles is used for steering while the two at the back handle the powering.

Lift Axles

The more axles you work with, the higher the weight of the vehicle you are hiring. This also means that there are more moving parts on the road, leading to higher fuel consumption. Therefore, you should find a service provider whose trucks and trailers have lift axles. Lift axles can be lifted off the road and stay in an elevated position when the truck starts to move. This will help you save lots of money when the truck is half-loaded or empty and doesn't really need all the axles.