Being able to start your car and get it into gear does not necessarily mean that it's safe to drive or in good repair. Unfortunately many car owners ignore obvious signs that their car needs repair, either because they don't understand the seriousness of those signs or don't want to spend the money.

Putting off some repair jobs can actually cost you more money for more extensive repairs down the road, and can be unsafe for you when behind the wheel. Consider some signs you don't want to ignore when it comes to your car needing serious repair work done.

1. A tyre that keeps losing air

If you need to constantly inflate a tyre and have tried instant seals but it keeps going flat, you need to have it changed right away. If expandable sealants that you inject into the tyre are not fixing the leak, it is probably located around the valve stem or there may be holes in the tyre that are too large for such a quick fix.

Continuing to drive on the tyre will mean continuing to push the air out and pulling at any small tears in the rubber, and the tyre will eventually become ruined altogether. It may then simply go flat altogether while you're driving. Driving on a flat is very dangerous as brakes do not grip a flat tyre. Rather than risking this happening, replace a tyre that keeps needing inflation.

2. Brakes that continue to grind or squeal

Wet brakes may squeal slightly, and new brake pads may grind for a day or so after their installation. However, if your brakes grind and squeal constantly, this is something to address. Usually this means the pads or shoes have worn down and are grinding against the rotors, or they've come loose. Ignoring this problem can mean having the brake pads actually slip out of place and your car slams to a stop, or if they're too thin, they simply fail to work. Both are unsafe for you when driving, so don't put off having them inspected and repaired.

3. Very strong and unusual smells

If your car has the strong smell of gasoline, this could mean a dangerous leak in the gas tank or fuel lines. A sweet smell often means that you're leaking radiator fluid. A burning smell can mean your car is leaking oil or overheating. Other odd smells may indicate other fluids that are leaking, parts that are grinding and causing damage, or that your car is burning oil along with fuel. Ignoring any of these problems can mean more serious damage down the road, so note the odd smell to a mechanic and have your car inspected.

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