As a small landscaper, you know that there are certain tools you need on a daily basis. Some of these tools you may already have, some may be on your wishlist, and others may be items you hire out on the occasions you need them. If you are trying to figure out what your next purchases should be, here are three options to consider.

Plant Trailer

You can use a small wheelbarrow or tote plants from the back of your truck to the garden plot, however, there are two problems with this. One is the limited amount of space you have and the second is the tiresome effort of walking back and forth between the garden plots and plant location. Instead, you should consider purchasing an affordable or economy plant trailer. These can be hitched to most SUV's or trucks and will give you a larger amount of space to work with. These are also ideal for toting mulch, pine straw, or soil along with plants so everything you need is in one location.

Post Hole Digger

You may think that a post hole digger is just for fencing posts. The truth is, you can use a traditional post hole digger to help plant shrubs and small fruit trees. You can also use them in cases where a shovel may not be strong enough to dig through harder gravel or dirt. Post hole diggers come I several options, including auger styles and motorized styles. Depending on how often you will be planting shrubs or using the digger will depend on what type you may want to purchase.

Riding Lawnmower

If you find yourself hauling leaves, landscaping posts, or mulch then you may be looking for an easier way to do it. One of the ways you can do this is by using a riding lawnmower with a hitch that can drag items or pull small trailers. This also expands your landscaping services to take on larger lawn care projects like mowing larger lawns or handling bigger landscaping projects. If you choose this option, you need to look for a riding option that does have a hitch or can have a hitch attached for trailers or mulchers.

With these three pieces of equipment, you can make your landscaping job easier and take on more tasks and clients. If you are ready to start purchasing your items, begin listing the specific options you need with each piece of equipment and consult with a home improvement store about their options and price estimates.