Many jurisdictions have regulations requiring vehicles to pass a road worthiness test before they are registered or transferred to new owners. This article discusses some steps you can take to increase the likelihood of your car passing the road worthiness test.

Top Up Fluids

You should open the car bonnet and check the level of all fluids such as engine oil, hydraulic fluid and coolant. Consult a mechanic in case you notice any leakage around the reservoirs of those fluids. Once any leaks are fixed, top up the fluids to the recommended level.

Check the Car's Paintwork

Road worthiness tests usually pay attention to the condition of the car body, so you should check your car before you take it for the test. Walk around the car and closely observe the paintwork. Fix any patches where the paint has peeled off and the car is facing the risk of corrosion. There are DIY kits available to enable you perform those simple repairs.

Observe Your Exhaust

Listen to the sound made by the exhaust system as the car engine is running. Observe the smoke that comes out of the exhaust pipe. Take your car to an experienced mechanic if you notice any anomalies in those two areas (abnormally loud exhaust sound, for example). The mechanic will repair any defects in the exhaust system.

Test All Lights

Visibility is a very important factor in road safety, so don't ignore your lights as you prepare your car for the road worthiness test. Check for cracked or faded lenses. Clean all the lights. Ask a friend to depress the brake pedal so that you can see whether the brake lights are working. You can handle any fixes that need to be done on the lights, so save the money that would have gone to the mechanic to handle this task.

Check the Tyres

Check all your car tyres for cracks or signs of excessive wear. Excessive wear can be observed if tyres have very little tread depth left on them. Check what the minimum tread depth required in your area is and confirm that your tyres meet that requirement. You can get this information from the website of the transport department or you can ask your mechanic for help.

You can save yourself the hassle of conducting all the checks above by taking your car for comprehensive servicing at a shop like Chatswood Brake & Clutch. The mechanic will be able to rectify any issues that may result in a failed road worthiness test.