One of the most convenient ways of traversing Australia with friends and loved one is via a caravan. However, the biggest mistake you could make when opting for used caravan sales is simply taking the best deal without making the appropriate inspections. You need to ascertain that the caravan is good condition or you may end up forking out exorbitant amounts of money in repairs. If you are a newbie to purchasing used caravans, here is a handy checklist you could use to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition.

Inspect the caravan for any signs of damp

The most noticeable sign of damp is a musty smell in the caravan. The moment you smell this odour then you should be on high alert. Another tell-tale sign is the growth of mould and mildew on different surfaces in the caravan. You need to be thorough in your inspection, as the fungi can grow in hard to reach areas such as inside cupboards, in dark corners, under bed boxes and more. If you cannot see any visible signs of mould, it does not mean that the caravan is in the clear. Inspect the external sealings of the caravan to ensure they have not peeled off. This is especially pertinent around widows and doorframe as these tend to be the first that peel off. Comprised seals put the caravan at a higher risk of letting in moisture during wet weather. Lastly, inspect the floor of the caravan to ensure that it is not spongy. A spongy floor typically indicates that there is water damage underneath.

Inspect the caravan's locks and hinges

After checking for damp, you should also check to ensure the locks and hinges in the caravan are in good working condition. Locks and hinges that have developed rust can become troublesome when it comes to opening and closing the windows and doors. Thus, it would be best to steer clear from any used caravans that exhibit this. You should also inspect the locks to see if they close tight or if you have to jiggle them to get them to work. Overlooking the various locks and hinges could result in expensive replacements down the road. As such, it is better to opt or caravan sales that already have working locking systems. 

Inspect the caravan's chassis and gear system

A faulty gear system or compromised chassis can be extremely expensive to repair. One of the things to look out for is signs of corrosion on the chassis. If the chassis has a new underseal, enquire about the reason to ensure that damages are not being hidden from you. When checking the gear system, ensure that the caravan's jockey wheel easily winds up and down.