Vehicle registration inspection is something all vehicles must go through in order to be deemed roadworthy and legal. Many people possess vehicles that are unregistered if they're not currently in use. To use a vehicle like this, you need to have a rego inspection performed to get the car registered and approved. However, for some vehicles it's not enough to be taken to a standard vehicle registration inspection; some vehicles need to get an unregistered vehicle inspection specifically performed by an authorised inspector for unregistered vehicles. To find out if you need this, you need to know what category your specific vehicle falls into.

Written-off vehicles

One of the most common causes to why you would need an unregistered vehicle inspection is that you vehicle hasn't been in use and you've had it written off. Many people write their vehicle off to save money on insurances and fees while they're not using the vehicle. If you've done this, you need to have an unregistered vehicle inspection performed if you want to start using your vehicle again. Make sure you bring all documents that prove the vehicle's status as written off and also if you've had any changes done to the vehicle during the time it has been written off. This also makes the inspection faster as the inspector doesn't have to find the changes themselves and ask you about it.

Imported vehicles

You also need to have an unregistered vehicle inspection performed if you're buying a vehicle from another country. The safety standards in the country where you've bought the vehicle might be different, and it's important that you get notified if there's something you need to do to your new vehicle to drive it legally. You should also be aware that if you buy an unregistered, for example a written off vehicle, from another Australian state, this also requires you to have an unregistered vehicle inspection done.

Major changes

If you have a registered vehicle that you change significantly, this also means you need to have an unregistered vehicle inspection done. Significant changes can be if you replace the engine, change the vehicle's size outwardly, or if you rebuild the safety systems of your vehicle so that they no longer function as they do in your registration report. Significant changes like this completely changes your vehicle's preconditions and someone who reads your registration report won't recognise a lot of the things, as you have removed or rebuilt them. You will then get your vehicle registered according to its new preconditions.