If your heavy-duty truck has a flat tyre, then of course you know to call for mobile truck tyre replacement. However, a tyre isn't dangerous for driving just when it's flat; there are many reasons why you should avoid driving on it even if it seems inflated, as continuing to drive on a damaged or otherwise compromised tyre can mean not being able to control your truck and can also put you at risk of a blowout. Note when it's good to call for mobile truck tyre replacement even if the tyre isn't completely flat.

1. When there is a bulge

A bulge in the rubber of a tyre means that the rubber has gotten soft in that spot and an air pocket has formed. This can be dangerous in any car since the soft rubber may be more likely to crack, causing the tyre to go flat or even blow out. However, the heavier weight of your truck can make it even more dangerous since the added weight can put more pressure on your tyres and, in turn, more pressure on the area of the bulge. To avoid this risk, it's good to simply have the tyre replaced rather than trying to even drive a few miles or kilometers to a tyre repair shop.

2. When threads are showing

If you look at a tyre and notice any type of thread, wire or other such material that you can see plainly coming through the rubber, you don't want to drive on that tyre. You're seeing the materials that are supporting the rubber and keeping it intact, which means the tyre is very worn. A tyre that is very worn can suddenly go flat or blow out, even if it seems as if the surrounding rubber is still strong and intact.

3. When the tyre has a slow leak

A slow leak from a tyre usually means a slight hole or tear in the rubber, and the reason you don't want to drive on it is that the tyre might be salvageable if the hole or tear remains very small. If you call for a mobile truck tyre service, they can put on your spare tyre and you can take the tyre with the leak to a repair shop for a patch job, saving you the cost of a new tyre. However, if you continue to drive on the tyre, this can allow the leak or tear to spread and get bigger so that it cannot be repaired at all, and this can be more costly for you.